Hi! I’m Moodmate, your good mood coach

I’m here to guide you to have better mental health and self-care, to stay optimistic
About 2 weeks
to see the result
Just 7 minutes
per training session a day
Я Moodmate,
твой тренер по настроению
What you are going to develop
A better understanding of your needs and desires
The ability to say “no” to those things you don’t want
Fighting skills against anxiety and irritability
The habit of taking care of yourself
The skill of setting goals and reaching them in no time
Healthy relationships with those around you
What my workouts are like
Regularity is the key to success.
We will be training daily for 5-7 minutes.

This is how you are going to develop good habits that lead to the right choices on a daily basis.
Real life situations
After each activity you can go through all of the given response options.
That will help your brain learn to accommodate the right decisions subconsciously.
Practical exercises
Our interactive tasks only take a couple of minutes of your time, but they are loads of fun.
Together we will meditate, design, dream and relax.
Time for self-reflection
Together we are going to learn to understand your goals and what drives you. We will cover ways to feel a whole spectrum of emotions and become aware of your limitless possibilities.
Interactive activities only take a couple of minutes of your time, but they are a huge fun.
Together we will meditate, paint, dream and relax.
unique situations
practical exercises
reflection tasks
Why does it work?
Made by professionals
Fast and fun
New day — new discoveries
On the go
My content was developed by experts in the field of neuroscience and psychology.
Our interactive exercises guide your brain into learning new things and creating eureka moments.
The selection of topics and the difficulty of my exercises will adapt to your needs.
You will receive daily workout notifications right in your DMs so that we are always in touch.
Who created me?
our caring CEO
our super-psychologist with 14 years experience
our Silicon Valley engineer
Work with 15 other talented scientists, psychologists, editors, designers and developers
Me in the media
38,000 people work out with me to improve their thinking and overcome stress
Let’s work out!
Meet me in your favorite messenger or download the app.

Never skip a brain day!
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